Mary Tyler Moore vision initiative

Join us in making Mary’s dream of a world without vision loss from diabetes a reality.

Our Purpose

Variety’s Mary Tyler Moore Visionary Award
and Be A Mary Campaign

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The Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative is proud to partner with Variety on the "Be A Mary” campaign and the Mary Tyler Moore Visionary Award, an annual honor that recognizes groundbreaking achievements in storytelling, matching Mary’s continuing extraordinary impact on the entertainment industry. "Be A Mary" implores audiences to embrace the ethos epitomized by Mary herself: generosity, kindness, and resilience. Please donate to help us prevent and cure vision loss from diabetes. Visit our Instagram @MTMVISION_ tell us what makes you or someone you know a “Mary.”


1 Billion

people with diabetes by 2050 and at risk of vision loss and blindness

The Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative (MTM Vision) is a one-of-a-kind non-profit uniting the world in the fight against diabetes-related vision loss and blindness. MTM Vision enables significant research breakthroughs and supports global scientific collaboration to realize Mary’s dream of a world without vision loss and blindness from diabetes.

MTM Vision brings together global leaders and innovators from diverse fields, including universities, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, government agencies, tech firms, the entertainment industry, and people and families with diabetes, all to advance research for a cure for diabetic retinal disease.”

1 Billion

Mary’s spirit was a beacon. Let’s honor her extraordinary life by making her dream of a world without vision loss from diabetes a reality.”

— S. Robert Levine MD, Mary's Husband