Fall 2022 Workshop

In October 2022 a landmark workshop, held in Ann Arbor included over 90 attendees with a diverse representation from around the world. Patients and representatives from leading biopharmaceutical, bio-tech, and medical device companies, JDRF, the National Institutes of Health, American Diabetes Association, US Food and Drug Administration and others met with researchers and clinicians from the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Australia to discuss various methods for improved diagnosis of Diabetic Retinal Disease, including an emphasis on visual function and assuring that we are listening to the voice of patients.

Establishing Diabetic Retinal Disease (DRD) Biomarkers and Clinical Endpoints is a critical piece of the Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative’s response to the need to developing new methods to diagnose Diabetic Retinal DiseaseDRD early, assess severity and risk, and predict rate of progression and response to therapy.

The workshop identified knowledge gaps in the field and the participants will continue to work in a public-private consortium to develop new endpoints for research and clinical care of patients with this condition – all to serve the overarching purpose of the Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative — to accelerate the development of new methods to preserve and restore vision and create a world without vision loss from diabetes.