Kristen Wiig to Receive Inaugural Mary Tyler Moore Visionary Award at Variety TV FYC Fest

By: William Earl

Variety will present actor, producer and writer Kristen Wiig with the inaugural Mary Tyler Moore Visionary Award on June 6 in Los Angeles at the Variety TV FYC Fest.

Wiig is being recognized for her extensive and groundbreaking achievements in storytelling, in honor of Moore’s extraordinary impact on the entertainment industry.

Following the award presentation, Wiig will sit down for a conversation with Variety deputy features editor Jenelle Riley to discuss her current work in Apple TV+’s “Palm Royale.”

As previously announced, to support the Mary Tyler Moore Visionary Award, Variety launched the “Be a Mary” advertising campaign in partnership with the Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative, a nonprofit fighting against Diabetic Retinal Disease (DRD) by enabling major research breakthroughs and supporting global collaboration. This campaign aims to galvanize support for research directed at efforts to pioneer new therapies to prevent and cure vision loss and blindness caused by diabetes. “Be a Mary” implores audiences to embrace the ethos epitomized by Moore herself: a spirit characterized by boundless generosity, unwavering kindness, profound compassion, resilience in the face of life’s challenges and fearless risk-taking.

“Kristen Wiig’s iconic characters and quick wit mirror what made Mary Tyler Moore a bright light in the industry and an inspiration to women,” said Dea Lawrence, COO and CMO of Variety. “Like Moore, Wiig’s prolific career has brought laughter to households around the world, making her the ideal choice for this award.”

“Kristen is the perfect choice for Variety’s first Mary Tyler Moore Visionary Award,” said Moore’s husband, Dr. S. Robert Levine, founder and CEO of the Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative. “Like Mary, Kristen is a rare, multi-talented creator and innovator whose journey began in ballet. This foundation taught them both the significance of timing, grace, diligence, physical confidence and the necessity of trusting those around you and collaborating with the best. It’s an honor to see Mary’s legacy flourish through Kristen’s support of MTM Vision to advance research to preserve and restore vision in people with diabetes.”

Wiig will join previously announced Variety TV FYC Fest speakers Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kelsey Grammer, Greta Lee, Dakota Fanning, Ricky Martin, Lisa Ann Walter, Jane Lynch, Drew Carey and Joel McHale, among others. Tickets to Variety’s TV FYC Fest are available at

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