Our Team

The team at the Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative seeks to preserve and restore vision in people with diabetes.


S. Robert Levine, MD

Concept Creator and Chair

Eric Carlson

Co-Directors Media and Cause Marketing

Susan Carlson

Co-Directors Media and Cause Marketing

Patrice Fort, PhD, MS

Director, MTM Vision Initiative Biorepository and Resource Center

Tom Gardner, MD, MS

Scientific Co-Director

Dorene Markel, MS, MHSA

Managing Director

Carol Oxenreiter, BS

Chair, Lay Advisory Board

Jennifer Sun, MD, MPH

Scientific Co-Director

Red Maxwell

Chair, Marketing and Communications Advisory Committee

Mark Atkinson, PhD

Interim Chair, External Scientific Advisory Board

Team Members

Corey Porter, PhD

Technical Manager, Biorepository and Resource Center

Kelli Ramos, BS

Project Manager Biorepository and Resource Center

Terry Sims

Executive Assistant to Dr. Levine

Shelby Unsworth, PhD

Associate Director for Business Development, University of Michigan Medical School

Carmen Yu

Research Lab Specialist Senior, Biorepository and Resource Center

Media and Fund Development Advisors

Tom Brobson

JDRF Volunteer; Former, JDRF National Director, Research Investment Opportunities

Brian Gott

Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Industry Relations for the Entertainment Industry Foundation

Nicole Sexton

President and CEO, Entertainment Industry Foundation

Lisa Fishbone Wallack, JD

Volunteer Leader, JDRF

Lay Advisory Committee

Carol Oxenreiter (Chair)

Tom Chapman, MBA

CIO Teewinot Partners, living with T1D for decades

Chris German, PhD

Senior Scientist, Myriad Genetics, living with T1D for decades

Judy Hunt, MBA

Parent of daughter living with T1D for >30 years, T1D research advocate

Monica Oxenreiter, MBA, MPP

VP of Content at Close Concerns, living with T1D for over 30 years

Sandra Puczynski, PhD

JDRF Director Emeritus; former JDRF Research Chair and IBOD Member, parent of daughter with T1D for over 30 years

External Scientific Advisory Board

Mark Atkinson, PhD

Univ. of Florida, Director, University of Florida Diabetes Institute; Director, nPOD and CaRe-T1D

Sally Baxter, MD

UCSD Shiley Eye Institute, Division Chief for Ophthalmology Informatics and Data Science (anticipated joining July, 2024)

Dolly Chang, MD, MPH, PhD

Genentech, Sr. Medical Director, Research and Early Development

Sanjoy Dutta, PhD

JDRF, Chief Scientific Officer

Stephen McLeod, MD

America Academy of Ophthalmology, Chief Executive Officer

Tunde Peto, MD, PhD

Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology 

Marlon Pragnell, PhD

ADA, Vice President of Research & Science 

Christopher Rhodes, PhD

AstraZeneca, Chief Scientist/Vice President, Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolic Disease, Biopharmaceuticals R & D 

Jose Sahel, MD, PhD

Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Chair Ophthalmology

Marie Schiller

Interim CEO, The Diabetes Link; former VP Drug Development/Device R&D Innovation, Eli Lilly and Company

Don Zack, MD, PhD

Co-Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Stem Cells and Ocular Regenerative Medicine