The Personal Life of Mary Tyler Moore

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or simply known by the name of the star of the show, Mary Tyler Moore, was an American television sitcom created by James Brooks. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a television breakthrough, due to the main character, Mary Tyler Moore, a single independent career woman playing the central character. Mary Tyler Moore presented a different character from the other single women presented on TV, meaning that she was neither widowed nor divorced, or even seeking a man to support her.

In real life, Mary Tyler Moore was different from what people saw on TV. She got married at the age of 18 and immediately ended up pregnant with her only child, Richard Jr. Mary Tyler Moore remarried the CBS executive, thus forming the television production company MTM Enterprises, which eventually created and produced the first television series of the company, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Mary Tyler Moore had also been known for her charity work, since she was the International Chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. Mary Tyler Moore has used her profile to help raise funds and raise awareness of diabetes type 1, which she suffers from. Besides this, she was also an animal rights activist and promoted her cause on the Ellen Show. Moreover, Mary Tyler Moore had worked with Farm Sanctuary to raise awareness about the cruelty of factory farming and to promote the compassionate treatment of farm animals.

Mary Tyler Moore was awarded in 1984, the Women in Film Crystal Award. A statue in her honor was raised in memory to the television character she made famous on Mary Tyler Moore. The statue is now in front of the Macy department store, near the corner of 7th Street and Nicollet Mall. The Mary Tyler Moore statue depicts the iconic moment when Moore tosses her cap in the air, in a freeze-frame.

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