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Some of the actors and actresses that have worked hard over the last few decades have really deserved to be a household name. Knowing that every person in the house would know exactly who you where talking about meant that they were a very popular celebrity indeed. Mary Tyler Moore has been an actress in many different sitcom episodes as well as a few movies here and there. Ladies like her have such a great reputation that they are always being published in magazines, quoted and admired by all of their fans. The Mary Tyler Moore Show which was a sitcom about Mary herself started in 1970 and finished a steady seven years later. People were really into the slap stick humor when the show began however after seven years of the same routine the same old jokes became tiring.

Mary Tyler Moore played other parts as well including her character on the Dick Van Dyke Show where Mary played the role of his wife. She was employed in this show from 1961 to 1966 and the first year she was also a guest on The Tab Hunter Show. In 1979 the Mary Tyler Moore Hour can out on TV which was not a huge success like the Mary Tyler Moore show had been. Unfortunately for Mary at this stage she had to start looking for other work which came five years later with Heartbeats. Lately Mary has been on quite a few reputable shows in America which have kept her going in the Hollywood scene. This means that paid employment for this natural actress is something that comes easily. Not only in TV but also in movies we get to see Mary doing her acting which has kept millions of people entertained for many years.

Last year Mary appeared on the good morning America TV morning program where she talked to the hosts about life and her career. In 2008 Mary appeared on Opera as well as the Lipstick Jungle comedy which are two very popular programs. Her great acting has taken her even further before that with appearances in That 70s Show and also got to appear on the Dick Van Dyke Show revisited. The Ellen Show and the New York News have all had Mary Tyler Moore on their programs to find out what she is doing with her life so that the fans can get the updates right from the source.

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