Mary Tyler Moore Honors And Awards

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Mary Tyler Moore has had an outstanding career in the entertainment industry. Her talent and great skills have lead her to enter many domains, such as television, theater, cinema and literature. All these appearances and developments have proved that Mary Tyler Moore is a person worth many honors and awards. She has received numerous trophies and other celebratory elements for each of the installments and domains of the career she has developed. Probably one of the most appreciated and most recognizable honors for Mary Tyler Moore is the statue that was built for her in 2002, by the TV Land network, inMinneapolis, that wanted to celebrate her contribution to their evolution and success.

One of the first honors that were given to Mary Tyler Moore for her talent was issued in 1984 in the form of a Women in Film Crystal Award. She continued to gain popularity over the years, which was celebrated with seven Emmy Awards. Mary Tyler Moore got the first Emmy in 1964 at the category for Outstanding Continued Performance By An Actress. She continued to gain Emmy Awards as follows: Outstanding Continued Performance By An Actress (1966), Outstanding Continued Performance By An Actress (1973), Best Lead Actress In A Comedy Series (1974), Actress Of The Year (1974), Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series (1976), Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or Special (1993). Mary Tyler Moore also received three Golden Globe Awards: Actress In A Television Series (1965), Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series (1971) and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (1981).

Mary Tyler Moore received one of the most important honors to celebrate her entire career in 2011 at the Screen Actors Guild Award for the Lifetime Achievement. This award is only issued to those who have had an outstanding career and that have managed to maintain their celebrity status due to their talents and abilities, with which they have influenced the entire industry. Mary Tyler Moore is thus one of those amazing actresses that deserves to be honored for her entire career. 

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