Mary Tyler Moore Honored at SAG Awards

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At the age of 75, actress Mary Tyler Moore was recognized for her Lifetime Achievement at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012. Famous for her role as Mary Richards in the 1970s hit sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the actress has had a more than fulfilled career, through which she managed to showcase a massive amount of talent and of acting skill.

Her former co-star Dick Van Dyke decided to honor Mary Tyler Moore in the presentation speech by praising her and by stating that MTM is something familiar to all people. To this, he added the numerous activities of the actress over the years and the work that she has done in the domain through MTM Enterprises.

During her acceptance speech, Mary Tyler Moore mentioned the fact that her name was close to being unknown to the public. There were several actresses in the Guild named Mary Moore, so she added the middle name of her and her father in her screen name. After all the years of hard work, she is proud to state her name out loud and to make a difference in the entertainment industry.

You can watch the award ceremony in the video bellow:

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