The Mary Tyler Moore Show Cast Reunites

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The Mary Tyler Moore Show is a famous American sitcom. The show starred Mary Tyler Moore, Edward Asner, Valerie Harper and Gavin MacLeod, as well as Ted Knight and Betty White. It aired on CBS between 1970 and 1977. No less than 7 seasons including about 168 episodes have been aired throughout the years, the show being quite an important success. One of the most successful sitcoms ever produced, The Mary Tyler Moore Show has recently made a reunion.

Mary Tyler Moore Show Reunion: Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Mary Tyler Moore, Betty White and Georgia Engel

The cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show reunited in April for their Hot in Cleveland appearance. The reunion was extremely emotional. However, Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Betty White and Cloris Leachman claimed that they have always kept in touch. “We’re grateful for the fact that we love each other. We’ve always gotten along,” Betty White said during the reunion. “It would be different if it were one of those shows where we don’t speak. That wouldn’t have been any fun,” the actress also claimed.

However, there were not only good news that the famous actresses have to share. Valerie Harper has unfortunately been diagnosed with a severe condition. The star is facing terminal cancer and doctors have given her the worst prognosis possible. In March the actress has announced that doctors have given her as little as three months to live. Still, Valerie has been able to remain strong, claiming that all she wanted was to stay busy. She said that she joined the cast of Mary Tyler Moore show for the reunion episode Hot in Cleveland because she wanted to keep her mind busy and enjoy some wonderful moments with her friends.

The original cast of the Mary Tyler Moore Show: Betty White, Valerie Harper, Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman and Georgia Engel

The episode made for the TV Land comedy will air this summer. And even if the actresses will play different characters, it seems that the old chemistry between them is still there. “We still are ourselves, and no matter where you put us, we’re going to continue to be ourselves and interact as only you can when you’ve been together for a long, long time,” Mary Tyler Moore explained. “Almost any scene we ever did, we could look into each other’s eyes and be comforting and uplifting for each other,” the star also added.

Now, all fans have to do is to wait for this episode to be released. It will surely be an amazing experience to watch these five impressive actresses once again together on the big screen.

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Mary Tyler Moore Commercials

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Mary Tyler Moore is a famous American actress, known for her roles in television sitcoms and is beset known for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. In that show she starred as Mary Richards, a single woman who worked as a local journalist. The actress appeared in many films and has received several awards throughout time.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York and was the eldest of three siblings. Her family and her moved to Los Angeles when she was eight years old. Moore attended Saint Rose of Lima, which was a Catholic school in Brooklyn and then the Immaculate Heart High School.

Mary Tyler Moore had television roles on Private Detective and Richard Diamond, but she also appeared in several Broadway plays such as Sweet Sue, Whose Life Is It Anyway, as well as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Moore also wrote two memoirs entitled After All and Growing Up Again: Life, Loves, and Oh Yeah, Diabetes.

She is also a businessperson. Mary Tyler Moore founded MTM Enterprises, Inc. in 1969. It’s incredible how many things she is able to do. Nonetheless, she also appeared in many commercials when she way young, promoting various products. These commercials increased her popularity, but people trusted those products just because Mary Tyler Moore appeared in them. The most popular commercials are:

1956 Mary Tyler Moore Hotpoint commercial:

1954 Happy Hotpoint commercial:

Classic Pepsodent commercial:

Cigarette Commercial 1960′s with Dick Van Dyke commercial:

Although they are fairly old, these commercials are very nice and representative for that time. Mary Tyler Moore was charming, young and persuasive. Her public image was great and glamorous, so it was perfect for commercials.

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Mary Tyler Moore Honored at SAG Awards

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At the age of 75, actress Mary Tyler Moore was recognized for her Lifetime Achievement at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2012. Famous for her role as Mary Richards in the 1970s hit sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the actress has had a more than fulfilled career, through which she managed to showcase a massive amount of talent and of acting skill.

Her former co-star Dick Van Dyke decided to honor Mary Tyler Moore in the presentation speech by praising her and by stating that MTM is something familiar to all people. To this, he added the numerous activities of the actress over the years and the work that she has done in the domain through MTM Enterprises.

During her acceptance speech, Mary Tyler Moore mentioned the fact that her name was close to being unknown to the public. There were several actresses in the Guild named Mary Moore, so she added the middle name of her and her father in her screen name. After all the years of hard work, she is proud to state her name out loud and to make a difference in the entertainment industry.

You can watch the award ceremony in the video bellow:

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