Interesting Facts About Mary Tyler Moore

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If you are a Mary Tyler Moore fan, you will enjoy reading these interesting facts about her life. She founded her own company all the way back in 1969. Thanks to the success of her career and company, she was able to sell it in 1990. In the early 1960s, she smoked a lot of cigarettes. Fortunately, she has since quit. At the start of the 1990s, she got breast implants. However, because she experienced so many problems and pain with these implants, it didn’t take long for her to have them removed.

One of the reasons that Mary is such a strong person is because she’s had to deal with a lot of loss over the course of her life. In 1978, her sister passed away as a result of an overdose. Two years later, her son was killed when the trigger on a gun went off. While this may seem like a suicide, it was actually proven to be an accident. In fact, that specific gun was eventually pulled from shelves because of this issue with its trigger. Then in 1991, her brother also passed away.

An interesting story is how Mary met her current husband. As some fans may know, he is a doctor. What’s interesting is that Mary actually met him as a result of her mother being treated by him. Mary’s success as an actress was recognized in 1992 when she received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Finally, the place that Mary currently calls home is New York.

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